Wednesday, August 29, 2012

God is a Tower of Mothers

When my son was maybe three years old, he told me one night while I was putting him to bed that God was a man during the day and a woman at night. I have previously written about this and about the children’s book that Ithink planted this image in his head. It was one of the most beautiful moments I have ever had with him - the kind of moment that makes for a really schlocky sermon illustration attempting to make the point that the older we get the further away we are from our instinctive understandings and experiences of God.

I knew pretty soon after (based on my experience talking with teenagers about God) that someday in the future he will have no memory of his radical theological statement, and will most likely answer any question I have for him about the gender of God with an indignant, “What? Oh yeah, right.” 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Ten Tools for Back to (Sunday) School

The past several weeks have been a time of fevered preparation at church. Almost everything you see pictured to the right has come together in the past three days to be ready when we kick off our Sunday school year as a congregation.
When they are complete, these lovely blue folders will contain a variety of helpful and necessary resources to enable parents and children to have the very best year of religious education and participation in the life of our community. As I was stuffing them yesterday afternoon I realized that almost everything in them is connected to a priority I have identified in my writing over the past year. So I thought I would share briefly how each of these ten items will help to equip and resource our parents over these next nine months of Sunday school.

Monday, August 6, 2012

In Case of an Emergency - Put on Your Own Mask First

This summer my son took his first two plane rides. It was very exciting for him, and for a while I was bummed that I wouldn’t be doing it with him. But my work schedule meant that I would both arrive late and leave early from our extended family vacation on the west coast.

I was bummed, that is, until I was actually sitting in the plane. Then it turned out I was  relieved - not because of the hassle of traveling with a child, but because of a revelation I had during the review of the safety procedures.

Let me back up even further to say that last summer I took my child on his first roller coaster ride, in the very same roller coaster in which I took my first ride. I experienced a whole new level of fear when I felt for certain that the restraints on a ride that old (much older than me, even) certainly were not secure enough for my child; so I used my own hands and arms to hold him down, convinced that at any moment he would fly out of the seat.

I realized in that airplane that the same irrational fear had returned.